How pigment dispersion could help your business

If you’re looking for high-quality paints, that hold their colour and coats your products or materials effectively, then you’ll need a paint that has been through dispersion during the manufacturing process.   But what is pigment dispersion, does it really affect the quality of your paint, and how can it benefit your business?  In this post, we'll provide... Continue Reading →

A colourful 2019 awaits

We live in a world of colour.  Everything from the colour inside our homes, to the colours we see outside; cars, buses, businesses, flyers, posters and so much more.  We’re exposed to colour and a variety of colours at that, every second of our waking day.   Colour plays a vital role in not just helping to bring things to life, but also, as psychology has... Continue Reading →

5 bizarre but interesting ink facts

Technology has paved the way for some significant advancements in not only how we work but also in what we produce. Thinking about how we record things now and how we communicate with each other, our mind can sometimes take a digital focus, thinking of emails and text messages, etc, yet looking back in time and... Continue Reading →

10 mesmerising facts about colour

Colour is everywhere.  From the sky we look up to, to the ground we walk on, and the walls within our homes.  However, for most of us, we only consider colour when we’re describing something or maybe looking at a new colour scheme for our homes. Unlike graphic designers or artists, for example, colour is not something we might think about every... Continue Reading →

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